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Botanical Name: Centaurea cyanus

Common Names: Bluebottle, Bluebow, Hurtsickle, Blue Cap


Blue Corn Flowers

Found in various colors/shades, the Cornflower is an annual plant in the daisy family noted for its vibrant blue flowers. The plant is called cornflower because it naturally occurs near field crops, namely corn.


For thousands of years, cornflower petals have been used in long-standing wellness practices. In traditional European folk herbalism, the flowers were employed in a similar way to blessed thistle. Cornflowers were also utilized as a tonic herb and were often blended into herbal teas for both their beauty and their healthful qualities. The evocative purpleish-blue petals are also popular additions to potpourri mixes, adding a pop of color and a subtle, sweet scent. Although blue cornflower is most often infused, it can also be incorporated into baked goods and cosmetic recipes or prepared as a watercolor dye.



Blue Cornflowers (Organic)

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