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Chakra Balancing Herbs Workshop

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Clear out what no longer serves you and make room for what will.

Learn how herbs can balance and strengthen your chakras and understand how plant medicine can transform your emotional and physical health


What is a Chakra and what does it mean when they are out of balance? How does that manifest on the physical level? This session focuses on this energetic system of the body and what you can do to stay balanced, whether it be through flower essences, crystal healing, using herbs, and more. When our energetic body is in balance, our physical-self is too. Bring in the new year with more knowledge about your body and how this can empower you to move forward in your life.


Your chakras are the tools you need to resolve any negativity holding you back, so you can be a lighter, brighter version of yourself. This soulful journey through the 7-main chakras will bring you into a more harmonious state of mind, body, and spirit. Chakras are energetic “wheels” in the subtle body. Too many of us feel weak, tired, emotional, and simply “off” in our lives and unsure why. When we balance our 7 main energetic points in the body, we start to feel stronger, healthier, and more in tune with our lives. 


About The Workshop

Join Roxi Thiam, certified Herbalist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner for this unique and transformative Chakra balancing session using herbs.


She will discuss each major chakra, physical manifestations when the chakras are imbalanced,  affirmations to maintain balance, and over 30 herbs to support & bring harmony to each chakra. We will explore and sample organic, chakra balancing herbs like ashwagandha, lemongrass, slippery elm, passionflower, lavender, dandelion root, red clover, calendula, hibiscus, fennel, and numerous others.


By the end of this presentation, each participant will have samples of numerous herbs, bath salts, and tools to bring back harmony and balance. These simple techniques can become part of daily meditation to reduce stress, create healing, and produce harmony in all areas of your life.


Want a more hands-on learning experience? Click here to add an herbal kit! 

Chakra Balancing Herbs Workshop

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