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Dehydrated Honey powder can be added to coffee or tea with ease, and works wonders in a steamy bowl of oatmeal.


Dehydrated honey powder also acts as an instant glaze for meats. Sprinkle it over a roasted pork loin, ham, or chicken ten minutes before the cooking is done.


A sweet, crackly glaze will form over the meat, sealing in juices as it rests. For the grill master, season a rack of ribs with salt, black pepper, chili powder, and powdered honey for a recipe that’ll make more than one appearance during the summer.


Liquid honey doesn’t do well in baking. Ask any baker and they’ll say how it browns easily and makes scrumptious desserts look completely burnt. Powdered honey is a novel solution in that it doesn’t brown as much and leaves cakes golden in color.



Organic Honey Powder: Organic maltodextrin and organic honey

Honey Powder (Organic)

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