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A Whole Vibe

Fruit Punch Black Tea


More than just a tea, and far more than any lemonade you’ve ever had, this bright and tropical punch drink is a whole vibe. Bright strawberries and raspberries burst from this robust blend to make beach-worthy relaxation within reach. This unique combination of fruits and herbs mixes together all of the nostalgia of fruit punch, without the sugary guilt.



*Black Tea, *Dried Red Raspberry, *Dried Strawberry, *Dried Orange Peel, *Natural Fruit Punch Flavors, Love

*Organic Ingredients


Brewing Instructions 

Bring cold water to boil (203-212F). Add 1 large teaspoon of herbs per 8 oz cup. Steep for 4-7 minutes or to desired taste.


Sweeten with organic honey (as needed) and enjoy! 

A Whole Vibe (Organic)

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