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BeAllergy Free

Allergy Relief Blend (Most Popular!)



You know it’s allergy season when your eyes start to water, you can't stop sneezing, and you feel your chest tighten in response to common allergens. Whether your allergies are triggered by furry friends, pollen, or plants the symptoms can often be unbearable. BeAllergy Free can help knock those symptoms OUT with natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory herbs!


Loose Leaf Brewing Instructions

Bring cold water to a boil. Add one large teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. Pour over leaves, steep 15-20 minutes, and strain.

*Tip: Use organic local honey for added benefits to your allergy relief regimen!



*Stinging Nettle, *Ginger root, *Red clover, *Mullein, *Peppermint, *Spearmint, *Elderberry, *Chamomile, *Hibiscus


*Organic ingredients 


BeAllergy Free (Organic)

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