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Essential Herbs for Detoxification Workshop Replay


Detox teas are extremely popular today. But do you know what's in your blend? Are they the most researched & powerful herbs to detoxify the liver, kidneys, promote weight loss, and more?


Learn nature's top 50 herbs that promote detoxification & how to create your own restorative blend from home!  During this workshop, you will learn the art and science behind blending the perfectly balanced cup of tea.


You'll also experiment with a variety of aromas, textures, and flavors such as burdock root, dandelion, red clover, goji berries, fennel seed, licorice root, and many others. Your accredited Tea Sommelier & Clinical Herbalist will guide you through the basics and teach you about 50 detoxification herbs, flavor combinations and proper preparation. 


This session will cover: 

What's a detox? 

Learn the "why's" behind regular detoxification and the various methods to detoxify the body.


Understand Tea vs. Tisane 

A confusing aspect of learning about tea is that many of the beverages which are called "tea" are actually not tea at all. Understanding the differences is key.


Medicinal Categories of herbs 

Learn herbal action categories that can easily be incorporated into everyday life including remedies for stress, hormone imbalance, digestion, detoxification, inflammation, and more.


Using your herbs as healing agents 

You will learn how to use your herbs to make a healing botanical infusion. Learn the properties of 50 different essential herbs that directly detoxify and revitalize the body.


How to measure, mix, and blend 

You'll be instructed on how to properly measure your tea and herbs, the importance of accurate water temperature, correct steeping times, and more. 


Essential Herbs for Detoxification Workshop Replay

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