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Herbs for Allergies Masterclass Replay


Ain't no party like a tea blending party!

Gain the tools to support you throughout the entire allergy season!


During this class, we will discuss herbs and teas that target allergy symptoms, their properties, and how to prepare them correctly. Did you know the dosage and usage of herbal tea are different at a medicinal dose? We will explore hot versus cold infusions, decoctions, and which herbs are better for which. You will learn how to select the perfect herbal remedy for you, taste a variety of herbs, and learn how to create herbal blends that fit your needs.


You will create your own custom tea blend to enjoy throughout the Spring & fall; with a few seasonal wellness tips to help you thrive


We will discuss blending techniques, flavor profiles, and herbal functionality. 


In this workshop, Clinical Herbalist Roxi Thiam will guide you through the process of blending medicinal herbal teas. 


This session will cover: 

  • What are allergies?

Learn the "why's" behind allergen triggers, the different types of allergic rhinitis, and the many ways to reduce your exposure.

  • Medicinal Categories of herbs

Learn herbal action categories that can easily be incorporated into everyday life.

  • Using your herbs as healing agents

You will learn how to use your herbs to make a healing botanical infusion, decoction, and tincture. Learn the properties of organic local honey, bee pollen, and 25+ different essential herbs that directly target each of those annoying allergy symptoms.

  • How to measure, mix, and blend

You'll be instructed on how to properly measure your tea and herbs, the importance of accurate water temperature, correct steeping times, dosage, and more. 



Masterclass replay link will be available after purchase. 

Herbs for Allergies Masterclass Replay

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