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Botanical Name: Senna alexandrina

Common Names: American senna, locust plant, wild senna



Digestive Support


Mental picture and specific indications: Senna is used for constipation with lack of muscular action, flatulence, colic and enlarged, tender liver.


Use: (a) Laxative, (b) Cholagogue.


The type of constipation Senna is indicated for, is atonic or flaccid constipation where there is a lack of bowel tone that results in decreased bowel movements. This is often seen after  abdominal surgeries, use of opioids, habitual laxative abuse, and in the elderly.


Always take senna with a full (8 oz.) glass of water to protect against fluid loss. Senna can be habit forming, and is for short term or occasional use only. Because senna increases intestinal transit time, it could speed the elimination of pharmaceutical drugs from the body, thus lessening their effects.



Senna Leaf (Organic)

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