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Heavy periods, also known as menorrhagia, is a common symptom many women experience each month that can be debilitating and a nuisance. Luckily, BeEasy is an effective natural solution that can help ease heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding.


Directions / Use

Use this blend for 7-10 days before and during your period to lessen heavy bleeding and prevent flooding associated with endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, etc.


Loose Leaf Brewing Instructions

Bring cold water to a boil. Add herbs, one teaspoon (or 1 tablespoon depending on your desired strength) per cup of water. Pour hot water over herbs and steep 7-15 minutes (add an extra 30 seconds of steeping time for your second or third infusion). Remove or strain herbs and enjoy!



Red Raspberry leaf*, Lady’s Mantle*, Shepherd’s Purse*, Yarrow*, Chaste berry*, Cinnamon*, Blue & Purple Cornflowers*, Rose Petals*, Hibiscus*, Peppermint*



Herbal allies within your blend

Shepherd’s Purse, can be used to help stop excessive menstrual bleeding by gently regulating the menstrual cycle. As an astringent and a uterine stimulant, shepherd’s purse helps to stabilize hormone function and reduce menstrual flow.


Chaste Berry is a hormone balancing herb that may help relieve prolonged menstrual bleeding. Proponents of the herb claim that it normalizes pituitary gland functions and improves progesterone functioning. It also helps reduce PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness, bloating or irritability are also present.


Red Raspberry Leaf is known for relieving menstrual pain due to its plant compound, fragarine –– it tightens our pelvic region and eases cramps caused by muscle spasms in the area. This herb acts as an astringent by stopping excessive bleeding and calming cramps during heavy periods. According to “The How To Herb Book,” raspberry leaf strengthens the wall of the uterus, supports the entire female reproductive system and decreases profuse menstrual flow.


Stinging Nettle Leaf is a powerful ingredient commonly used to improve women’s overall health. Known to balance and support a healthy menstrual system, improve iron levels and build strong nails, hair, bones and teeth.


Lemon Balm is a go-to herb for all things digestion during your period. It may relieve bloating, gas, cramps and headaches.


Lady’s Mantle, It’s rich concentrations of tannin make it especially valuable in curbing heavy or excessive menstrual flow. It helps relieve aches and pains during menstruation, with a tea or tincture able to stop spotting between periods and lessening excessive menstrual bleeding


Yarrow has been used to stop internal bleeding caused by uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and ruptured ovarian cysts as well. This plant has been used traditionally by midwives to stop hemorrhage during miscarriage or after childbirth. Yarrow’s ability to stop heavy blood flow is well documented and simply amazing!


Cinnamon bark reduces menstrual flow and relieves uterine cramping. The Viable Herbal Solutions website states that cinnamon bark is a potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and uterine stimulant that helps relieve menstrual bleeding and cramping. Cinnamon bark is used as a treatment for uterine disorders, as well as for irregular and painful periods.


Cornflowers are known to treat fever, constipation & water retention.


Hibiscus has been used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat gynecological symptoms for centuries. In traditional medicine, Hibiscus flowers are used to regulate the menstrual cycle and help alleviate cramps, PMS, and mood disturbances. 



Sample size = 3 cups of loose leaf tea // 1 oz // 3 oz // 8 oz 












This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


BeEasy (Organic)

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