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Soulful Swap 8-week Program


Diet change can be scary, but with Soulful Swap, you’ll receive live, ongoing support from an experienced health coach and a physician-approved program to ensure a fun, successful transition to a plant-based lifestyle. You’ll learn exactly what to eat and how to prepare it with kitchen tips, delicious recipes that your family will love, shopping lists, meal plans, and more.


Soulful Swap is a lifestyle change that teaches you how to remove the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) foods from your menu and swap them with whole foods that actually fuel the soul.


This life-changing program is designed to ensure a smooth, easy transition to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. You’ll receive everything you need for success, from education to shopping lists, meal plans, and step-by-step guidance.


No more crash and burn dieting, fad products, unrealistic expectations, or short-term results...


This is about creating a sustainable, medically approved, PROVEN, holistic lifestyle through healthy plant-based eating and extra self-love.


The Soulful Swap Program begins January 2, 2023!

Program costs may be split into 4 payments by using Sezzle at checkout. No one turned away due to financing!


For more details about this life-changing program, please click here!


*Immediately following your purchase, you'll receive your Soulful Swap Welcome, further instructions, & program links*


Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $199


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Soulful Swap Program

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