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Sweet Pea

This delicious herbal blend is dedicated to my granny – my original “Sweet Pea”. Traditionally, Moroccan Mint is a mix of Gunpowder green tea and dried spearmint leaves from the northern regions of Africa; but Sweet Pea turns it up a notch. This delicious blend of organic strawberry, mint, hibiscus, and butterfly pea flower is the perfect way to cool down & release on a long hot summer day. 


Add a splash of lemon juice to your blend and watch your tea water change from blue to purple! 



Moroccan mint tea, dried strawberry, butterfly pea flower, blue & purple cornflower, hibiscus, honey granules, natural strawberry flavor, love

(all ingredients are organic)


Brewing Instructions

Bring cold water to boil (203-212F). Add 1 large teaspoon of herbs per 8 oz cup of water. Steep for 4-7 minutes or to desired taste. Sweeten with organic honey (as needed) and enjoy!

Sweet Pea

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